Snowy and snuffles ill. by Felicity Gardner

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Lothian, 2013. ISBN 9780734413888.
(Age: 4+) Picture book. Friendship. This slight story of two wombat joeys is all about friendship and doing things together. But Snowy does some terrible things, stretching the bounds of friendship and family life, and I would think their mother's patience. Snowy upturns his food bowl on Snuffle's head, covers him with water in the bathroom, tips him off the swing in the park, and when he messes up the art room, he is made to clean it up, mother baking a cake for the two when the chore is finished.
Despite all that Snowy does to Snuffles, he is still his best friend, and they do everything together. The thrust of the tale is that they are very different and can still be best of friends. The soft illustrations reflect the Australian wombat well, including a rare white wombat. For those readers with a sibling who is very different from themselves this will strike a chord, and for those wanting a tale about a family with some chaos then this may be appropriate. The humour in the tale is reflected in the illustrations.
I seem to be seeing more of these sorts of books, where there is no author, simply an illustrator acknowledged. Why the anonymity? It seems very odd to me. Perhaps it is someone in the publishing house?
Fran Knight