The very hungry caterpillar's first 100 words by Eric Carle

cover image

Sure to entice any young child, this beautiful board book will be a boon for any parent. Not only does it introduce many words around the themes of Home, the Sea, The Zoo, the City, the Park and the Picnic, it has lift-the-flaps that will keep children engaged and interested as they guess what is under them.

Commencing with At Home, eager fingers will lift the flap of a brightly coloured tree  and find a bird’s nest, then there is a dog behind the kennel, and granddad sitting in a chair behind the walls of the house. All the objects are labelled clearly, and a young child will learn the words, car, cat, bird, tree, kennel, boy, girl window, house, garden, chair and clock just on the first double spread. And to add to the fun, the very hungry caterpillar must be found as well.

This format is followed through out the rest of the book, and as always, the illustrations are delightful, brightly coloured and enticing. The book is very sturdy, and the flaps hold up to much tough treatment by eager hands.

A superb way to teach and reinforce familiar words, while keeping a toddler entertained, The Very Hungry Caterpillar's First 100 Words is sure to become a household favourite.

Pat Pledger