Yolo by Sam Jones

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Simon & Schuster, 2014.
Simon Pulse, 2014. ISBN 9781481415484.  (Ages: 14+) Companion novel to Wtf and Fml. Contemporary fiction. The party of the year is tonight and Emily, Brandon and Ana are about to get more than they bargain for when they set out on their road trip up the mountains on their way to the Steins' awesome mansion. The three friends' supposable straightforward journey becomes impossible when they stop for a quick meal in the middle of nowhere. Before long, the three of them are swept up into one crazy adventure with more than a few tricky situations. As Emily and her friends get further and further tangled into a tale of petty criminals, loony old folks, drugs and thieves the situation seems to get worse and worse, but there is a bright side. The swoon-worthy Chris is along for the ride. Can anyone control this whirlwind of a trip?
Yolo is a short, fast-paced story chock-full of humour and suspense. It's a must for fans of its companion novels Wtf by Peter Lerangis and Fml by Shaun Hutchinson and probably appealing to more reluctant teenage readers. Mad characters and ridiculous plot lead to a fun, light read, though readers should be warned that the novel features very frequent course language and themes of drugs and alcohol which may not be suitable for younger readers.
Joanna B. (Student)