Destroying Avalon by Kate McCaffrey

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At her new top notch Perth school, Avalon is aware that there are undercurrents of jealousy and bullying. In a series of emails and text messages the book reveals the length to which some students go to manipulate and destroy the lives of others. Through Avalon and her friends, Marshall, Sukey, Jemima and Tamara, the reader is drawn into this secretive and unimagined world, where damage is done both in and out of school.

Right from the start, Avalon receives emails and text messages directing her to blogs where discussion about her, the new girl, is played out. She makes friends with a group of students who are also treated in this way, and for one, the bullying is overwhelming. This book is a timely reminder of the harm some students do to others and has a list of websites where victims can receive help.

The story slides along effortlessly as the narration takes on the impatience, fear and powerlessness of Avalon as she is pulled into the world of cyber bullying, a young woman just entering senior high school, full of the promise of moving home and a new school, full of the dismay when she realises what is happening to her.
Fran Knight