Princess Olivia investigates : The wrong weather by Lucy Hawking

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Young Princess Olivia Alez has not really enjoyed her life as a pampered princess and when her parents lose their roles as King and Queen of the Kingdom of Alez, she is quietly excited to be forced to live life as a ‘normal’ child. However, away from the haughty and grand heights of the castle, life is not as Olivia was expecting. The town and country sides are suffering from terrible mistreatment and neglect. The weather is unpredictable, food and water are in short supply and life for the citizens of Alez appears hopeless.

The best thing to come out of losing the right to live in the castle, is that Olivia is forced to attend school for the very first time. With her naturally inquisitive brain, Olivia had read all the books in the castle library, so she cannot wait to learn all that school has to offer. However, school does not go so well initially but thanks to two new friends, Ravi and Helga, she begins to settle in. Olivia questions everything around her but finds her questions being blocked especially those related to weather: in particular the thick, dark clouds that hang over city, the fierce rains or extreme heat, the barren land and the incredible amount of rubbish that litters the rivers and streets. Olivia and her friends set out to investigate the causes of the weather phenomena and climate destruction to see if they can make a difference to their kingdom.

The first novel in a brand-new series by author Lucy Hawking, Princess Olivia Investigates: The Wrong Weather, provides a welcome introduction and explanation to the impact humans are having on the planet. Strategically placed throughout this story are easy-to-understand scientific explanations of volcanoes, water shortages, climate change and extreme weather as well as the importance of trees. The clever graphic-style drawings of the quirky characters and the devastation of the countryside will engage the young reader. In the final pages is an epilogue from Olivia with a conclusion of what was discovered plus a handy glossary and acknowledgements.

Themes: Royalty, Climate Change, Friendship, Diversity, Science, Saving the Planet.

Kathryn Beilby