The looming lamplight by Ursual Dubosarsky

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Ill. by Terry Denton. Cryptic casebook of Coco Carlomagno (and Alberta) bk. 2. Allen and Unwin, 2013. ISBN: 9781743312599.
If you are looking for a book which includes puzzles as part of the text and is suitable for younger readers, this series is for you.
The Looming Lamplight is the second book in this series starring the crime solving guinea pig cousins Alberta and Coco complete with a Spanish flavour. The glossary of Spanish words used by Coco is a useful addition to aid the younger readers who will enjoy the challenge of solving the mix of puzzles by Terry Denton scattered throughout the text.
Alberta abandons her bath to answer a summons from her easily spooked cousin Coco Carlomango Chief of Police in Buenos Aires, Argentina, South America. Coco needs help to solve the mystery of the flashing light which is filling him with dread.
Whilst solving the light mystery, Coco captures the 'dreaded pillow burglars' and is awarded the Medal of Honour for Extreme Courage by the President and Alberta takes her paperbag of belongings and heads back home for that bath.
Terry Denton's amusing sketches add life and interest through the book and his extra crossword at the end related to guinea pigs will add to the enjoyment of the committed pet lover.
Sue Keane