Scream Street: Claw of the Werewolf by Tommy Donbavand

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Walker Books, 2009. ISBN 978 1406314298.
Discovering he was a werewolf on the occasion of his tenth birthday was a shock to Luke. When this transformation occurs again he and his family are moved by GHOUL and sent to live in Scream Street with other similar types. Luke's parents are terrified of the inhabitants of the street and haven't smiled since they arrived there. Luke soon makes friends with Cleo (a mummy) and Resus (a vampire) and together they began the quest to return Luke and his family from the terrors of Scream Street to their home assisted by the contents of an old book requiring them to find six relics left behind by the streets founding fathers. Only when they have collected them all will they have the power to open the door back to Luke's own world.
As the story begins there is one relic left to find to complete their mission however the location and ease with which they can collect it is compromised when Luke discovers a long held family secret and a simple sneeze puts their quest in jeopardy. Luke and his friends develop a greater understanding of their past and the evolution of Scream Street as it is today through their adventures and the completion of the story is a positive one for the reader.
Scream Street
is an entertaining short novel of which there are seven other titles available. This title is the completion of the quest but quite easily read as a standalone. In the current climate of werewolves and vampires I would recommend these titles to younger readers.
Tracy Glover