The cat that disappeared by Lori Mortensen

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Ill. by and Remy Simard. My 1st Graphic Novel series. Raintree, 2011. ISBN: 978 1406225518.
Recommended for ages 6 and above. When Ava wakes one morning, feeling bored, she calls her friends to help her organise a pet show. Each of her friends brings their pet and, together, the children prepare for the show. Just as they are ready to begin, however, they discover that Ava's cat, Oatmeal, has disappeared. Frantically they search, yet still the cat is nowhere to be found. Eventually, they decide to become detectives. Will this help them to find the cat?
As an introduction to graphic novels, this series seems to provide a good starting point. The vocabulary is simple, the number of words per page limited and illustrations are closely linked to the text. The concepts of friendship, team work, imagination and ingenuity are positive and the story revolves around daily events and non-threatening subject matter. As stated in a blurb about the 'My 1st Graphic Novel' series, 'Each story uses familiar topics, repeating patterns, and core vocabulary words appropriate for a beginning reader.' This book seems to have it all; author and illustrator information, a glossary, discussion questions and writing prompts, along with instructions on how to read a graphic novel. The story line holds much appeal and the vivid colours and stylised illustrations are bound to inspire young children to try and create their own comic strips.
Jo Schenkel

Editor's note:
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Pat Pledger