Little Ash: Perfect match by Jasmin McGaughey and Jade Goodwin

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The first in this highly entertaining series about sport and family, school and friendship, introduces Little Ash and her family as they prepare for Ashleigh’s first day in year two. She has her best friend, James with her and confides to him that her biggest problem is having to choose a sport that she likes and wants to do. They try out several games, but none gives Ash that tingly feeling that means it is her sport. Then James encourages her to try imagination-ball. All goes well until the paint incident, and they must clean up the paint for their teacher, Mr Howard.

Back home, Ash despairs of ever finding her sport and goes outside with her squash racket and tennis ball, hitting it against the brick wall in the backyard. James is amazed and calls the rest of the family out to see Ash’s skill. Dad gives her a tennis racket and Ash has found her sport, one she absolutely loves.

Each of the stories promotes open discussion between friends and family, they model supportive friends and family and promote determination and resilience. The stories are easy to absorb, do not preach and are attractive with informant about Ash Barty, and the writer, Jasmin and illustrator, Jade inside the back cover.

Themes: Tennis, Sport, School, Family, Determination, Little Ash (series).

Fran Knight