The twin giants by Dick King-Smith

cover image

Ill. by Mini Grey
Walker, 2007. ISBN 9781406313475
(Ages 6-9) Recommended. What a heart warming book! Lottavim and Normus are twin giants who do everything together. There is only one difference between them - Lot loves meat and Norm adores vegetables. When they finally grow up, they realise that they each want to find a wife and they go off searching across all the nearby mountains, disturbing the neighbouring communities and meeting some other giants on the way.
With a delightful take on the fairy tale genre, Dick King-Smith has created two engaging characters in the giant twins and the giants they meet on the way are also interesting. The story keeps the reader involved with its subtle humour and clear expression.
Mini Grey's bright illustrations add spice and delight to the story. I loved the expressions on the faces on the twins and was fascinated by the drawings of the twin giant sisters that they fell in love with. Lovely colours and lots of little details ensure a return visit to the book to see what has been overlooked the first time.
Newly independent readers would enjoy the challenge of this book, and it also would be great to read aloud.
Pat Pledger