Meet the Werewolfsons by Knife and Packer (Duncan McCoshan and Jem Pack)

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Scholastic Australia, 2013. ISBN 9781742836713.
Reading Age: 7-9. Themes: Werewolves, Family Life, Pets. Meet the Werewolfsons introduces an ordinary, everyday werewolf family to the residents of Freak Street. Mum and Dad and their three children, Wilf, Winny and Wally have thick shaggy hair, sharp teeth and are a little bit frightening. They live in a log cabin next to the Aliensons and run a pet pampering business. Mr. Werewolfson loves to disco dance, embarrassing his children and demonstrates his moves at their full moon party. Unfortunately Deathfang the largest werewolf in town arrives and causes chaos sharing a bad case of fleas with the guests. These fleas play a crucial role throughout the story and the conclusion. The family is preparing for the annual City Pet Show and unfortunately Mr. Werewolfson's lucky gold pampering comb has been stolen. The twists and turns of the plot involve the dramas of the pet show and the mysterious disappearance of Professor Twinkle at the Observatory.
The solid background colours of each page are bold and bright. Knife and Packer's familiar cartoon style bring humour to the Werewolfson family and their frantic antics. Winny's pet lamb Lambada, disco-dancing dad, the flea invasion and the grooming of the pampered pets are just some of the quirky fun illustrations.
The Freak Street series are popular with readers from seven to nine years of age. These stories are great as a class read-aloud and students can use the characters to create new stories in creative writing and cartooning activities.
Rhyllis Bignell