Fetlocks Hall: The Curse of the Pony Vampires by Babette Cole

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Bloomsbury, 2011. ISBN: 978-0747599333.
Suitable for ages 11+ . This book is part of a series and unless you have read the previous book you will find it a bit tricky to understand part of the story. Fetlocks Hall is a special school, a magical pony school. It is also an important place to the S.U.S. (Secret Unicorn Society). Especially gifted equichildren go there to develop their magical pony skills. But King Despot Dragontail, King of the Devlipeds, hates the school and will do all he can to get it closed down or at least stop it running in its usual way. King Despot Dragontail has sent a letter to the organization in charge of inspecting schools and complained how students were wasting their time, playing with the ponies instead of doing schoolwork and that the headmistress lied about test results.  All untrue, of course.  Unicorn Princess Penny has a difficult task ahead of her . . .& to save Fetlock Hall from closure. King Despot has sent evil pony vampires to start his evil plan.These creatures are just plain disgusting, leaving horrible, foul smelling orange droppings everywhere. Yuk! Penny enlists the help of Uncle Faustus and his family.Will she succeed in defeating the Devlipeds' plot and overturn the curse of the pony vampires in time to save the school?
Janet Cassidy