In my blood it runs by Dujuan Hoosan, Margaret Anderson and Carol Turner

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The book In My Blood It Runs, is based on the award -winning film of the same name. The book begins with the story of the rainbow serpent forming the land and the water around the area of Mparntwe (Alice Springs). This is 10 year old Dujuan’s story, his journey through some very challenging times and unjust experiences, and the story of those that chose to guide him along the way. Dujuan has Ngangkere (healing power) which does not work so well in town but is strong out bush. He is a spirited child who struggles with the school system and escapes to a life of petty crime on the streets but is eventually sent to live with his father to learn the ways and history of his Ancestors. Throughout In My Blood It Runs the language of the Arrernte people is shared and as well as ways of culture. Dujuan voices his thoughts about school, the prejudiced justice system, colonialism, his joy at being with family and his love of Country. The bold and colourful illustrations by Blak Douglas are dramatic with a modern edge and perfectly complement with the words.

This is an honest and heartfelt account of Dujuan Hoosan who was the youngest person at 12 to address the Human Rights Council at the United Nations. At the UN, he asks the leaders 'to support Australia to raise the minimum age of criminal responsibility from 10-14 years…allow his peoples to control their own education systems…First Nations languages to be taught in schools.'

Further information at In My Blood It Runs documentary exposes how education system is failing Aboriginal children - ABC News

Themes: First Nations people, First Nations Language and Culture, Injustice, Care of Country, Family, Colonialism.

Kathryn Beilby