Where she went by Gayle Forman

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Random Books, 2011. ISBN
(Age 14+) Highly recommended. The sequel to the highly recommended If I stay, Where she went continues the story three years after Mia walked out of Adam's life without any explanation. Adam, now a popular world-weary rock star has always wondered why she left him without a proper farewell. When he is in New York and discovers that Mia is about to perform in a concert, he can't resist the urge to attend. He finally gets the chance to see her again and together they revisit the past.
I was lucky enough to have both books on hand and read them one after another. I loved the fact that If I stay was written in the voice of Mia and Where she went in the voice of Adam. If I stay concentrates on the devastating accident that leaves Mia in a coma, and the way that Adam is determined to bring her back to consciousness. Their relationship is heart rending and I used up quite a few hankies on this book so I had to rush to read the second immediately to find out just how their story ended.
Forman uses her writing craft brilliantly to depict two people who have to make their way in the world but who could have a second chance at love. But these two books are not just a simple love story. They explore the complex issues of death, the difficulty of being left alone, love and its responsibilities.
The books are not too long, about 250 pages each, and are not difficult to access, so they are sure to be picked up. However it is the depth of emotions, the exploration of love and death, that will ensure that they are passed from one teen to another. I am very keen to read more from this talented author.
Pat Pledger