Highway bodies by Alison Evans

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Echo Publishing, 2019. ISBN: 9781760685027. 366 pages, paperback.
(Age: 14+) What you will find in Alison Evans' second novel is a book full of friendships, love, acceptance, genderqueer teens, oh did I forget to mention zombies, there are lots of zombies, yep, lots of them.
The novel centres on three groups of adolescents that come from the outskirts of Melbourne and travel through the Victorian country side. Each chapter is seen through the eyes of three characters who are genderqueer and the adventures they have in their groups. The groups are: *A trans girl who is attracted to girls who befriends a girl. Both do not have a name. *Dee (a bisexual girl), Poppy, Jack and Zufan who belong in a band. *Jojo (non-binary and bisexual) and Rhea, who are twins. Hope all the LGBTQI notes haven't confused you because it does confuse me but I'm getting better.
Anyway, I did enjoy this book and it reminded me of the different zombie T.V. series out there like The walking dead and Z Nation. It was an easy read, once you got pass the fact that there aren't any letters being dropped or strange sentence structures you find with the trans girl narrative. I thought I was misreading the text at first. It's the way she talks like so any of my students.
Highwway bodies is a book full of gore and violence and also full of love and protectiveness of family, born and bred.
I can see teenagers and YA fans enjoying Highway bodies.
Maria Komninos