As bright as a rainbow: A book about gender and being yourself by Romy Ash and Blue Jaryn

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Just as the sea is not only one form of blue, or even just blue, so people are not just male or frame. The sea can be azure or pink, or can be yellow to green and not only blue. The three characters who walk, skip, and run across the pages, are non gender specific, and so raise the questions in younger readers about gender diversity. In a non threatening way the analogy to the sea is charming, allowing children to make a connection between the sea having a range of colours and the three characters in the book having a range of genders. 

Subtitled A book about gender and being diverse, the book aims to introduce younger children to gender diversity. It does so without being overbearing, as some books trying hard to be educative and entertaining at the same time, so this book may be a book that kids will read together.

They will see the analogy between the gender diverse and the different hues in the sea, able to differentiate between those who see themselves simply as boys or girls, and those that do not call themselves one or the other and in so doing see that it matters not a jot who they are as long as they are themselves.

Bright illustration adorn the pages as the three children are shown sharing and being involved in a range of activities, all of which can be done by every child.

Themes: Gender diversity, Equality, Inclusivity.

Fran Knight