My favourite teachers by Beck and Robin Feiner

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Children are surrounded by favourite teachers every day. Some of these teachers are at school and some are part of their home life. My Favourite Teachers is a refreshing new publication which features children mentioning their favourite teachers. Each double page showcases one child who mentions a teacher at school and at home. For example, Poppy loves her Australian History teacher, Ms Gorman, who taught her about Eddie Mabo and what he strove to achieve. Her neighbour Vince is teaching Poppy how to organise a petition so their council can improve their local park. Lior’s favourite teacher is Mr Collins who teaches art. He tells Lior all of his paintings are masterpieces. Lior’s grandmother is an artist who teaches him on weekends and takes him to galleries.

The bright and colourful illustrations complementing the short, segmented text, reflect Australia’s very diverse culture and highlight our growing understanding of differences. This book will provide teachers with an opportunity to encourage students to reflect on how teachers can have a positive influence on their lives. A very thoughtful and welcome addition to any home, school or public library.

Themes: Schools, Neighbourhoods, Extra-Curricular Activities, Children, Teachers, Diversity.

Kathryn Beilby