The great Australian science book by Luke O’Neill. Illus. by Linda Fährlin

cover image

The Great Australian Science Book is written by Professor Luke O’Neil who loves all aspects of Science and has a special interest in our immune system, and illustrated by Linda Fährlin who believes that art and science can change the way we see the world. Together they have created a appealing book that begins with the Universe, the biggest aspect of Science, and ends with the smallest, atoms and quarks.

The bright, glossy front cover displays a myriad of all things science related and the Meet Your Guides section shows a clever diagram of how the book came to be. The contents page distinctly sets out the main headings of The Universe, Planet Earth, The Human Body, The Very Small with the chapters clearly shown under each heading. Beginning with Welcome on Board, the book explains the importance of asking questions and where those questions can lead you. It explains how science works and how thinking like a scientist can open up a whole new world.

Full of fabulous facts, detailed graphic style images in full colour, tables and diagrams, this treasure trove of information will engage those competent readers that love science and want to explore further. Throughout this colourful book the text is broken into segments, there are highlighted key words, some experiments to be done, showcased Australian scientists, and an important section under each heading where children can find out the type of professions that are applicable to that area of science. In the final pages are a thank you for reading the book, a timeline of scientific discoveries and a detailed index.

This is a wonderful book for any child who is fascinated by aspects of Science and is keen to extend their knowledge and thinking. Teacher notes are available.

Themes: Science, Facts, Phenomena, Universe, Planet Earth, Human Body.

Kathryn Beilby