The bad guys episode 6: Alien vs bad guys by Aaron Blabey

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The bad guys series. Scholastic, 2017. ISBN 9781760279486
(Age: 5+) Highly recommended. Aliens. Survival. Adventure. Having saved the world from the clutches of Marmalade, the guinea pig, the quintet finds itself in deep space, trapped in a space ship with an alien at their heels.
The group now known as the Good Guys, squabble about what they should do. The alien in question has many arms emanating from his body all ending in a bum (butt). The group is horrified, especially when the alien lets go. Not a fart but tons of goo which the boys fall into. But Mr Snake finds an escape pod, and fiddling with the keypad thinks he has a way out for them all.
So begins another hilarious adventure with the very changed bad guys. Presented in the now familiar cartoon-like small book, with a storyboard offering the characters and their escapades, young readers will chuckle all the way through, following their exploits. Bums and goo add to the fun of an alien with bums on the end of its many tentacles, and the horror of being enveloped by its goo, will draw screams of delight from the target audience. And Mr Shark is able to use his consummate skill at dressing up to good use. Those familiar with Blabey's offerings will be in no doubt of the hilarity inside the easily held book, and cackle right to the end where they will find that another sequel is in the offering: this time when Mr Snake fiddling with the controls, launches them into the distant past complete with dinosaurs. Can hardly wait.
Fran Knight