What a lot of nonsense by Sheena Knowles

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Illus. by Jonathan Bentley. Angus and Robertson, 2020. ISBN: 9781460756140. 32pp.
(Age: 5+) Recommended. From the author of the internationally bestselling and awarded Edward the emu (1997) and Edwina the emu (1987), comes a book that offers readers a quest - to find the anagrams hidden on the pages.
Dear reader, please take time to note
Two ways to read this book I wrote.
The first way is for everyone,
Just read the book, enjoy the fun.
The second way will challenge those
Who like to look beyond the prose.
Who'd like to ACT just like a 'cat'
(And that's an anagram, in fact).

Follow the rhyming sentences on each page and the antics of an odd lot of animals, to answer the question of why a bear doesn't want to be bare, or a seal goes to a sale, and why a dingo is doing a dance. And for those not wholly sure that they have found them all, a list appears at the end of the book as an aid.
With this offering, Sheena Knowles has teamed up with renowned illustrator Jonathan Bentley to create a funny book that not only stirs the imagination but gives a whole heap of fun with words.
Readers are encouraged to predict the rhyming words along with the anagram, the funny illustrations offering clues. Themes: Anagrams, Animals, Nonsense verse, Humour, Word play.
Fran Knight