You're crushing it: Positivity for living your real life by Lex Croucher

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Bloomsbury, 2019. ISBN: 9781408892473.
(Age: Teens) Recommended. 'The trick is to work out how to help somebody in the way they need most'.
You're crushing it is an honest and hilarious journey through the realities of life in a social media powered world. It is thoughtful and relatable, and anyone who reads it should brace themselves for the read of a lifetime.
Social media sensation Lex Croucher is a vlogger who covers topics from beauty and books to feminism and animal rights. Her YouTube videos have been viewed by 15 million people, and she has hundreds of thousands of social media followers over multiple accounts. Lex utilises her fame to attempt to achieve positive change in our world. She is particularly invested in female rights and empowerment, feminism and protecting women from sexism and abuse.
You're Crushing It covers family and friends, body confidence, technology and social media, relationships, mental health, success and more. It can be described as almost a 'survival guide' for those struggling to deal with crazy, topsy-turvy, whirlwind roller coaster ride we call life in modern society. It is packed to the brim with hilarious anecdotes, which are successful in making the book more relatable and establishes a sense of belonging within the reader.
You're crushing it gives advice which is not aspirational, like much of the things that are seen on sites such as Pinterest, but rather, realistic and inspirational advice, which will actually help teenagers struggling with real life issues. Lex Croucher writes with wit, and uses a tone which assists the reader to feel valued and special, even if they are only one of thousands who read this book.
As a teenager who has previously struggled with body confidence and the pressure of social media on a young person's life, I urge any teenagers struggling with any of these issues to read this book, and then reread it again and again. It is that amazing and I promise that it will help you face any of the prominent issues in our society today.
Isabella C. (Student)