The flame of the dragon by Tommy Donbavand

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Scream Street, No. 13. Walker Books, 2011
(Age: 8-10) Scream Street is a fun and slightly creepy series of novels for primary aged children who want something fast paced and scary.
The Flame of the Dragon continues the adventures of three young friends from Scream Street, Luke, who transforms into a werewolf, Resus a vampire wannabe, and Cleo a mummy. Scream Street is where all the alternative 'people' live and there is a wide range of creatures and life forms, one of my favourite being the laid back zombie, Doug who refers to everyone as 'dude'.
All three children have been on a quest throughout the past 12 books to collect 6 relics and this is their final mission. Even in Scream Street there are good and bad guys and our three adventurers are banished to the Underlands by Acrid Belcher, the evil head of G.H.O.U.L. They must travel to China and face an angry dragon before they can return home.
I have also read the first in this series and have found both books to be light hearted fun, full of action, squeamish descriptions and ghoulish jokes. Author Tommy Donbavand does not take himself seriously as you will discover when you search You Tube for his many self made book trailers ( i.e. book trailer #1 ).
Students at my school love them and the whole series is heavily reserved. Good fun for 8 to 10 year olds.
Jane Moore