Sister secrets by Cate Campbell and Bronte Campbell

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Cate and Bronte Campbell, successful Olympians, share their journey from their childhood in Africa, where they swam before walking (even though they lived in a land locked country!), through to their family moving to Australia, to their dreams and ambitions of being Olympic swimmers. Detailing their ups and downs, the sisters share life lessons with readers, as well as real world aspects of being a swimmer. Containing numerous chapters with both sisters contributing, this book has more in its pages than swimming alone - life lessons, traps to look out for and the do's and don'ts of social media are just some of the things readers will learn while progressing through the book.

Written by sisters Cate and Bronte, this joint autobiographical book goes from one sister's point of view to the other, detailing childhood memories along with outlining what shaped their motivation to pursue swimming at an Olympic level. Incorporating numerous anecdotes, divided into chapters covering dreams, winning, losing, COVID-19, Tokyo 2020 and more, this personal rendition of the lives of two of Australian's beloved Olympic athletes is an easy read. It is littered with family photos, swimming photos and Olympic images, and has bright, colourful pages. This book would make a good addition to high school libraries. Ideal for aspiring swimmers, as well as for those looking for inspiration or going through a hard time.

Themes: Swimming, Australia, Olympics, Sisters, Family, Ambition, Success, Failure.

Melanie Phillips