The curious case of the missing mammoth by Ellie Hattie

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Ill. by Karl James Mountford. Little Tiger Press, 2017. ISBN 9781848694484
Bong! Oscar is woken by the town clock striking midnight and strange noises in the street. As he looks out his window he sees a huge, hairy woolly mammoth. Instead of being scared, he is dressed and outside in a flash where Timothy the mammoth explains he is searching for his little brother. Together they continue the search which leads them to the town museum where the door opens a crack to reveal the inhabitants have come alive and are having a party. Continued through the interactivity of gatefolds, lift-the-flaps and speech bubbles the search progresses through the various sections of the museum until... It is certainly the most extraordinary hour of Oscar's life.
Apart from kids' universal curiosity about the mysterious creatures of the past, this is a book that will delight young children as they explore it over and over as it combines so much information as the quest continues. There is so much detail included that there will be something new to explore and learn with every reading. It is certainly an intriguing way to help them discover their world and enjoy having to be part of the action to move the story along.
Barbara Braxton