Dolphin rescue by Justin D'Ath

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Mission Fox series. Puffin Books, 2011. ISBN978 0143305835.
(Ages 9+) Adventure. Brothers, Jordan and Harry are on Reef Island for a family holiday and are dismayed to find no gum trees. They have brought their box of caterpillars with them, adhering to their mission statement that impels them to rescue animals in danger. Their father is in disbelief at their bringing these with them, after all, he reminds them pets are not allowed. But the caterpillars are not really pets, they tell him, and so the boys begin a search for something they can feed their charges, all 80 of them.
While searching the island they happen to see a pair of dolphins being chased by sharks, and so set out to rescue them. Harry inadvertently cuts his foot on the reef as they go out to sea, this ensuring that the sharks will be attracted to them and not the dolphins. So follows a wildly exciting adventure as the boys must not only save themselves from being the shark's dinner, but the dolphins as well, and along the way find food for the caterpillars. Another well written episode in the twin's lives with Manga style illustrations full of humour.
Fran Knight