My dream for you by Ash Barty with Jasmin McGaughey and Jade Goodwin

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Gentle verses tell the story of the love between a mother and her baby, as the author tells of the sorts of things the mother wishes for the baby and its future.  These dreams begin before the child is born, as the expectant mother sits and ponders. She dreams of the child in her arms walking through the trees, listening to birds singing while she shares her stories. She dreams of hugs and kisses, teaching the baby to take every shot, as she may climb mountains, swim oceans and see the world. They will meet new people, cook together, make art together. The baby will be encouraged to be whatever it wants to be, the mother’s dream is that it finds its own way, flying freely to make its own decisions about life, based on the love and support it gets from home. And home and the heart will be where it always resides.

This is a loving book to share, encompassing all the hopes a mother has for her new baby.

Soft, gentle illustration complete this lovely picture book, adding to the image of a loving family, already shown in the text.

Younger readers will be encouraged to predict the rhyming words and learn a stanza or two to share.

Themes: Family, Babies, Love.

Fran Knight