Blood and honey by Shelby Mahurin

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Serpent and dove series, book 2. Harper Teen 2020, ISBN: 9780063041172
(Age: 15+) As the sequel to Serpent and dove (Blood and honey is the second in the series), this review may contain spoilers for the first book for those who have not read it. A descriptive and action packed fantasy, Blood and honey picks up right after the cliff-hanger end of Serpent and dove, with Lou, Reid and their companions on the run and in hiding. With Lou's coven in pursuit of Lou, the church in pursuit of all of them and the kingdom not having a place for them, their little band of fugitives are in constant danger. With the threat of Morgane hanging over them, the group seek allies in unlikely places - with their enemies. Fearing this won't be enough to protect the ones she loves, Lou turns to a darker side of her magic that may cost more than it's worth.
Having enjoyed the first book of this series, I found the second book just as compelling with relatable characters, interesting plot development and well paced, detailed writing. There is also romance, both hot and heavy and unrequited. Having been introduced to Lou, Reid, Ansel and Coco in book 1, readers learn more about them while their relationships develop. While Lou struggles to keep a grip on herself, Reid struggles to accept himself. This well written novel will appeal to many readers. It would suit fans of Sarah J. Maas' Court of thorns and roses series.
Themes: Magic, Good and evil, Fantasy, Self-perception, Forgiveness.
Mel Phillips