The LEGO Games Book: 50 fun brainteasers, games, challenges, and puzzles! by Tori Kosara

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Dorling Kindersley Ltd, 2020. ISBN: 9780241409466.
(Age: 7+) Highly recommended. A great book for all those LEGO fans, The LEGO Games Book gives 50 interesting games and things to do with LEGO. It also has small bricks and figures that come with the book. These can be used in conjunction with other LEGO pieces that will be in any household which contains people who love to play.
The games span a large variety of things to do. TIC-TAC-TOE caught my eye on a quick flick through the book. It has clear instructions on how to build a board with nine squares and choose five game pieces of one design for each of the two players. Some of the games, like Whisper It, require a player to write down ideas and others challenge players to use patience and skill like Sliding Squares where a picture must be built and Impossible Puzzle where a puzzle has to be taken apart without breaking the whole thing. Another one that I liked was Sort-A-Thon, where the bricks were sorted by colour, type, size of shape, trying to beat the clock, or using a blindfold to feel the shape of the bricks. Of course, with any of the DK quality products, this book has a clear and easy to scan Contents page which allows the user to find games quickly.
All the family will certainly have fun with the games in this book, and it will be a wonderful tool to have on hand for those people who have a bucket of bricks and want to make something different. It would also be a perfect present for any LEGO lover.
Pat Pledger