Rebel voices : The rise of votes for women by Louise K. Stewart

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Ill. by Eve Lloyd Knight. Wren and Rook, 2018. ISBN 9781526300232
(Age: 8 - Adult) Highly recommended. From the fascinating eyes that follow the reader on the front cover to the end papers with vibrant red ticks this is a book that is totally engrossing and informative. It is beautifully produced with fabulous illustrations that stimulate the imagination and the information about how women all over the world have gained the right to vote is comprehensive and very interesting.
Rebel voices is engrossing. It tantalises the reader right from the beginning with the unusual contents page that will make the reader stop and think but also gives the opportunity to pick the topics that were of interest. Starting with the trailblazers in New Zealand and Australia the book then continues to describe chronologically, and by country, how women won the right to vote. Many of the entries also give information about the women who fought so hard to gain recognition. Thus the reader learns about Sojourner Truth who campaigned in the US and the inspiring life of Matilde Hidalgo de Procel in Ecuador as well as other fascinating women in countries around the world and better known figures like Emmeline Pankhurst.
This is a fascinating and well researched look at the time it has taken for women to get the vote. The excellent time line and the range of women who fought so hard make this a really good volume to have in the primary and secorndary library and classroom.
Pat Pledger