The deadly game by Jim Eldridge

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Bloomsbury, 2012. 240 pages. ISBN 9781408817209.
(Age: 14+) The Deadly Game is the second book in The Malichea Quest series by Jim Eldridge, and offers readers murder, mystery, and legendary references to blend the mix. In the first book The Invisible Assassin, Jake Wells is a nineteen-year-old young man who finds himself at the centre of a murder, and makes a discovery that links to an ancient Order.
Now, in his second book The Deadly Game, young Jake just wants his girlfriend Lauren safely back home in England. Instead, she is in far away New Zealand with a new identity, and all because of some hidden books relating to the Order of Malichea. As if this is not enough, the head of the Department of Science has summonsed Jake to his office and warns him against continuing his quest to find the ancient books. Jake is left wondering why the government is trying to prevent his search, and with feelings of disquiet, returns to his flat only to discover someone has broken in, and left behind a package.
This prompts Jake to make a bold decision that he hopes will result in bringing his girlfriend home. However, with powerful forces at work, he is beginning to wonder who he can trust. Will he locate the books before the Watchers stop him? Will Jake's quest run smoothly, or is Lauren doomed to exile in New Zealand forever?
The Deadly Game offers young adult readers an entertaining plot. While the main character is nineteen-years-old, this book would suit a younger audience.
Jim Eldridge is a prolific author, and scriptwriter, having published over eighty books. The Deadly Game could be included in a school library for young readers aged 14+.
Colleen Tuovinen