Dinosaur Chew! The Iguanodon by Peter Curtis

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Dinosaur Chew! The Iguanodon is another in the popular The World of Dinosaur Roar! series and this time explores the life of the iguanodon who loves to laze around chewing grass. After being challenged by Dinosaur Munch to try something new he decides to go on an adventure.

In rhyming text, the pre-schooler will be introduced to this grass eating dinosaur, learning about some of its habits and habitat on the way. He will meet other dinosaurs in the series and will have fun looking at the brightly coloured pictures of the land and its inhabitants.

The series is written in association with the Natural History Museum so readers can be certain that the information is accurate. Others in the series include Dinosaur Whizz! , Dinosaur Whack!: the Stegosaurus, Dinosaur Squeak! The Compsognathus, Dinosaur Honk! The Parasaurolophus, and Dinosaur Bash!: the Ankylosaurus.

What a great way to learn about different dinosaurs!

Themes: Dinosaurs, Iguanodons.

Pat Pledger