Dinosaur Bash! The Ankylosaurus by Peter Curtis

cover image

Another in the Dinosaur Roar series is sure to please young children. This time the Ankylosaurus is featured. The embossed cover picture of Dinosaur Bash! will have instant appeal with its brown, raised scales, similar to that of a crocodile, and golden claws, while the rhyming story is good to read aloud.The Ankylosaurus is called Dinosaur Bash because he had a large club on his tail that he loves to swing around. This doesn't help him to make friends as he is always smashing it down and frightening other dinosaurs away. It is not until Dinosaur Roar tells him to take care that he learns how to make friends.

The illustrations are cute and will appeal to the pre-school audience. All the dinosaurs are coloured in vivid shades, set against a white background. Their cute faces are very appealing and readers will recognise some of the dinosaurs that feature in other books in the series like Dinosaur Whizz!

A double page spread of facts about the Ankylosaurus at the end of the book will give young children some fascinating facts about this dinosaur. This is a great series for everyone who is fascinated by the lives of dinosaurs.

Themes: Dinosaurs, Ankylosaurus.

Pat Pledger