Pearlie and the flamenco fairy by Wendy Harmer

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Random House, 2012. ISBN 9781 74275 540 3
(Ages: 5+) Early chapter book. Pearlie series. Another in this series which has now grown to 14, sees Pearlie traveling on a ladybird to Spain, where her friend, Florentina is throwing her a flamenco party. Going to the Royal Botanic Gardens where her friend lives, she is amazed to be able to learn the flamenco, and many Spanish words while preparing for the party. Spanishisma abound as the girls try on their new clothes, learn their steps, eat Spanish food and put on the flamenco for the guests. But Pearlie falls over her wand, and a neat resolution makes her win even more friends.
Easy to read with the bright bold coloured illustrations as with all the stories in this series this book continues the tales of Pearlie and her friends. For early primary people setting out reading chapter books, this will not cause much difficulties as the print is reasonably large, and there is not much print to each page. Sometimes I felt the colour interfered with the print, and some chapter breaks may help early readers, but all in all this series is an easy introduction to more strenuous chapter books.
Fran Knight