Beekeeper President by Natascha Shaw. Jillian Packer

cover image

Debut author Natascha Shaw has created a gorgeous positive picture book celebrating careers that young children might aspire to. But rather than just limiting the choice to one role, how about taking on two? This could be as a hot air balloon pilot-Librarian who skilfully lowers library books to her readers on the ground, or a Teacher-Surfer who rides the waves with students floating on surfboards. There are many other clever roles included such as a Deep Sea Diver-Artist who beautifully paints the underwater coral or a Carer-Adventurer who shares the tranquil outdoors with those they are caring for.

The brightly coloured illustrations in autumnal tones by Jillian Packer are stunning. They show incredible detail and will encourage readers to pour over each page. The endpapers and the front cover are striking and set the tone for this quirky and wondrous read. The author has also included a page of thoughtful ideas to unlock the book’s potential.

Beekeeper President is a beautifully presented self-published hard cover book that would be a wonderful addition to a home, school or public library. There so many opportunities to open up discussion of the endless possibilities children could have in the future with this delightful book sending the very important message that any child can do or be anything they want.

Themes: Imagination, Discovery, Celebration, Careers.

Kathryn Beilby