The wondrous prune by Ellie Clements

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The Wondrous Prune by Ellie Clements is a heart-warming story, sharing strength, creativity and love. This charming tale will have you hooked from the very beginning. With a heroine who will capture your heart, you will be invested until the very end.

Prune Robinson is an ordinary eleven-year-old girl who suddenly discovers she has an extraordinary power. She loves to draw but is struggling with many conflicting feelings. Having just moved into her grandparent’s home with her single mum and older brother, Prune is extremely overwhelmed with emotions. Sadness from leaving behind her old friends and school life. Grief over the loss of her much loved Grandma and Poppa. Anger over her older brother’s choice in friendship and subsequent troubles. Fear at starting a new school and navigating new friendships.

When a normal day suddenly becomes one that will change her life forever, Prune is in shock and disbelief. Clouds of colours enter her life and she wonders if she has a problem with her eyes or even her brain. However, when she discovers these cloudy hues can be funnelled into bringing her drawings to life, Prune is uncertain about how to deal with this. The magical colours, that are for her eyes only, leave her confused and worried. To make matters worse, she has just found herself the target of ruthless bullying by “the Vile-lets” at her new school. Without wanting to worry her mother, she tries to deal with these perplexing situations alone. She can’t even rely on her older brother, as he has his own issues to deal with. What is she to do?

Ellie Clements has created a highly engaging and inspiring novel. Where real life and supernatural easily intertwine, every reader will be enchanted and entertained. Bringing up interesting discussion points, as it delves into the positive and negative effects people have on one another and also how to overcome adversities in everyday life, this story has a lot to offer. The Wondrous Prune is a highly relatable and relevant tale, with a little touch of magic too.

Themes: Bullying, Supernatural powers, Relationships, Problem solving, Creativity.

Michelle O'Connell