Five dark fates by Kendare Blake

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Macmillan Children's Press 2019. ISBN: 9781509899135.
(Age: YA) Recommended. Five dark fates is the long-awaited conclusion to the Three dark crowns series. Following the triplet queens Mirabella, Katherine, and Arsinoe, and the revolution of the Legion Queen, Jules - a war gifted naturalist - the girls must face off in an epic battle against supernatural forces and each other for the crown and island.
With Jules's legion curse out of control Arsinoe has no choice but to bind and drug her friend while hoping to find a cure. Meanwhile in the capital Katherine is at a loss. With Pieter unconscious she has no one but Genevieve to advise her - a poisoner she has never had any love for. The dead queens are growing restless inside of her, they want more freedom. With the Mist rising Katherine must find a way to counter it. She sends for Mirabella, her sister and the most powerful elemental the island has. At Katherine's request Mirabella travels to the capital to join her little sister, her mind filled with the girl she once was rather than the terror who is now the queen crowned. But Mirabella isn't there just to banish the mist, she wants to know what Madrigal Malone meant when she said Katherine was filled with the dead. With conflict at every side, the sisters must decide what is right not only for the people of Fennbirn but for the island itself. Is it time to do away with the tradition of the triplet queens?
Dealing with familial conflict, the struggle for the greater good, and the ultimate importance of friendship, I would recommend Five dark fates for fans of the series, and the series to those interested in YA fantasy.
Kayla Gaskell