The toast tree by Corina Martin and Fern Martins

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Magabala Books, 2015. ISBN 9781922142689
(Ages: 5-7) Recommended. Grandparents. Imagination. Magic. Aboriginal family life. Corina Martin grew up in Broome, Western Australia in the 1960s and used her childhood memories to create The toast tree. Her grandfather would arrive home after work with a special treat for Corina and her siblings - golden brown toast from the toast tree! Fern Martins' watercolour paintings evocatively capture the family scenes, the sense of wonder and magic described in the simple story and the richness of the surrounding landscape.
This is a story that celebrates the power of the imagination. Every night Grandpa brings Ella and Mia a special treat, golden brown toast he's picked from the toast tree. He's the only one who knows its secret location. The girls search the sand dunes and bush without success; they discover one tree with yellow blossoms and sweet nectar. Grandpa is clever directing the children to find Grandma fishing near the shore, while he disappears into the bush for more treats.
This is an uncomplicated gentle story that shows a simpler time, when children believed in the stories of their grandparents and their magic.
Rhyllis Bignell