What is a Virus? by Katie Daynes. Illus. by Kirsti Beautyman

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If there is one word that children of today know as well as their name it is "virus". So much of their lives have been affected by this tiny, invisible thing that has had such huge impact. But what is a virus? Using the successful Lift-the-Flap Q&A format of others in this series, readers can investigate just what a virus is, discovering that there are many more than just COVID 19! They also learn the importance of the rules like social distancing, washing their hands and other personal hygiene issues, important because if they understand the why about the what they are more likely to comply. It also alleviates some of the fear that their imaginations can conjure up. In the past we have been teaching our littlies about why they need to eat well, sleep long and play hard to have a healthy body and preventing illness has been a peripheral, but things have changed and this is an important addition to the collection so they can better understand this thing that is going to shadow their lives for a long time to come.

A video of the book is available.

Themes: Viruses, Health.

Barbara Braxton