The Forever Kid by Elizabeth Mary Cummings

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Ill. by Cheri Hughes. Big Sky Publishing, 2018. ISBN 9781925675399
(Age: 4+) Highly recommended. Themes: Grief, Remembrance, Loss. The Forever Kid is about remembering a child who will never grow up. The family in the story celebrate the memory of the child who is no longer with them by celebrating their birthday with the food and games that that child loved.
This is a lovely book written from a child's perspective which means it is easier for children to relate to the story. It encourages the sharing of feelings in a safe supportive way.
The illustrations in this book are simple and they support the story beautifully.
It can be used as a starting point for discussions on the topic of grief both by parents and teachers, as this is a sympathetic way to discuss the topic of loss. Some activities are available from Just Write for Kids blog.
I highly recommend this book for 4+
Karen Colliver