Science Factopia! by Rose Davidson. Illus. by Andy Smith

cover image

Science FACTtopia! is the sixth book in the FACTopia! series. This latest book follows the same format of the earlier books and this time allows the reader to follow the trail of 400 explosive STEM-tastic facts. These facts are all linked in some way and once again this latest handy-sized hardcover book is full of surprising and engaging information.

Filled with full colour striking graphic images, illustrations and photographs, the book begins with a contents page explaining how to use the connecting dots to each new and engaging topic. The first image presented in Science FACTtopia! is that of a young girl, Mary Anning, chipping away at the first ever discovery of a marine fossil, the Ichthyosaurus. This leads onto other discoveries including the interesting fact that palaeontologists will lick a rock if they are unsure if it is a fossil or rock. If their tongue sticks to it, it is a fossil.

Throughout the book, readers are encouraged to move away from the broken lines to turn to page numbers about other interconnected and related topics. At the end is a Sound Like a Scientist Quiz, a detailed index, plus information about the FACTtopians, as well as a sources page and picture credits.

This highly engaging series is a treasure trove of information that will excite readers of all ages. A wonderful factual book for home, school or public libraries.

Themes: Science, STEM, Knowledge, Humour.

Kathryn Beilby