Fitter, faster, funnier Olympics: Everything you ever wanted to know about the Olympics but were afraid to ask by Michael Cox

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A and C Black, 2012. ISBN 9781408165584.
(Age: 8+) 'From unbelievable tales of triumph (with all the shocking bits left in) to incredible facts about Olympic athletes, this is an aspirational, informative, interactive and hilarious guide to the Olympics - what they're all about and what made them what they are today. Packed with funny illustrations, inspirational ideas and amazing activities, this is a brilliant guide to the Olympics past and present.' Blurb.
Information ranging from the ancient Olympics to modern Olympics to a do it yourself Olympics comes in a form that children will love. There are true facts interpersed with some very funny details that will have children laughing out loud. As Michael Cox writes,  'Instructions are somewhere between totally daft and certifiably insane'.
The book will especially appeal to reluctant readers who will enjoy the weird and wonderful humour. Some of the imagery, like 'Kebab an entire queue of people at a bus stop during your javelin practice' would leave readers with an amazing picture in their heads.
With humorous black and white illustrations, this  small book of 128 pages,  will have a place in the hands of children who want some facts but like to have a laugh at the same time.
Pat Pledger