If you find this by Matthew Baker

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Hot Key Books, 2015. ISBN 9781471404528
(Age: 11+) Highly recommended. Bring together 3 misfit boys and 2 grandfathers (who have escaped from the retirement home) and you have yourself an unusual bunch searching for treasure. Nicholas's dad lost his job and this means they have to sell their house. In the backyard is a tree. This tree was planted when his brother died and Nicholas is determined to save his home from being sold. When his grandfather is released from jail and starts muttering about lost heirlooms worth a lot of money, Nicholas's plans are set in place. With the help of Jordan and Zeke (2 very unlikely classmates), Nicholas searches for the tattoo clues and the map that will lead him to the treasure of all treasures and a way for all of them to save something in their lives.
This novel is highly recommended for boys aged 11+ . The first pages set up the mystery and the events will have readers engaged as the boys face bullies, are rejected in their school life and fight for things that mean something more than themselves. The text is easy to read and moves quickly. Children will relate to being different, be exposed to music terms (Nicholas loves Maths, music and the language of music) and hopefully see that being different is special.
Kylie Kempster