Bluey : All About Bluey by Bluey

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Penguin, 2020. ISBN: 9781760898304.
(Age: Preschool -5) Recommended. A large board book shaped just like the very popular TV character, All about Bluey is sure to be a hit with young children who love the award winning TV series. Bluey is a 6 year old blue heeler who lives with her mum, a red heeler, and dad, a blue heeler, and little sister Bingo, a red heeler.
Bluey's antics and family have made her a beloved character and All about Bluey will give children the chance to enjoy her imagination and games between the pages of a book, rather than on the screen. This makes it a perfect book for bedtime stories, or for a newly independent reader to read things that they will be instantly familiar with.
Right from the first page when Bluey says she has an idea, her imagination is portrayed as she makes up games with Bingo and her friends. Readers will recognise how difficult it can be to make the rules for games and will identify with Bluey's classroom where everyone has different skills and likes to make up different games.
Bluey also has lots of silly fun at home with her father, and the illustrations are very enjoyable as the pair wrestle and dance together. Bright colours, beautiful backgrounds and warm expressions on the faces of the family members make this a lovely book to have in the home or classroom.
Pat Pledger