Your brain is a lump of goo by Idan Ben-Barak and Christopher Nielsen

cover image

Telling us all about our brains is a riveting excursion behind the scenes look through the lump of goo about the size of a pineapple, sheltered by our skulls the epicentre of all that goes on in our bodies. Everything works as the hundreds of billions of cells connect with each other to make us feel joy, or fear, or help us walk or think. Everything we do is controlled by this lump of goo. It looks like jelly but we cannot touch it, it is sensitive, so treat is with care. We keep changing, by writing, drawing, singing and talking, thinking and imagining. Although all lumps of goo are similar we are all different, and see things differently.

This is a fun way of looking at the brain and all that is does for us. At the end of the book are two pages of facts about the brain which will intrigue younger readers especially after reading the book with its vibrant illustrations and basic information about the brain. Lots of  facts are divulged about the brain, its size, shape, usage and need for care, but the book also tells us that sometimes we forget and that is fine, sometimes we make things up in our heads and it seems to come from nowhere, and sometimes we dream and that is fine too. There is still lots to know about the brain and what it does and this book will help younger readers along that path. The mixed media illustrations form a funny backdrop to the text, using a pineapple for comparison, making sure that the readers can visualise the complexities of what is being said.

Themes: Brain, Body, Humour.

Fran Knight