Below deck on the sunken wreck illustrated by Mandy Foot

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Lothian, 2012. ISBN 9780 7344 1282 9
(Age: 4+) Marine life, Rhyming tale. One of a series produced by Lothian, all illustrated in Mandy Foot's distinctive style, this is a rhyming tale of a what has happened beneath the waves. Others in the series, The wheels on the bus, All set for the big wet, and so on can be found on Mandy's website.  Each is bold, distinctive and uses humour well to get across its message.
Two children dive on the wreck of the old sailing ship lodged firmly on the bottom of the ocean floor. In diving around the wreck they come across many identifiable objects, an octopus, shark, schools of fish, dolphins, starfish and so on, as well as clutter from the wreck, a wheel, treasure chest, spyglass, lamps, and a fishing net.
Small children will have some fun recognising the range of animals drawn, of locating them all, and finding the sea horse which appears on all the pages. The tale can be read aloud before using the book as a search for clues about what happened to the ship and ponder about what it might be called.
Fran Knight