The brothers Quibble by Aaron Blabey

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Penguin Viking, 2014. ISBN 9780670076000.
(Age: 4+) Highly recommended. Sibling rivalry. Family. All children will see through the antics of Spalding as he tries to deal with the advent of a new brother, Bunny. Spalding has been the only child for quite some time, used to getting his own way from his quiet, unassuming parents, a real 'King of the Castle', complete with cardboard crown. He swings his mighty sword upon his mighty stead, that is, until, Bunny is introduced.
From then on, pushed aside by his doting parents, he decides to cause mayhem, until he is sent to his room. His war footing however, is softened when his brother grows, as babies do, and he calls Spalding by name.
The change is slow, but change does occur. The reader will chortle as Bunny tells Spalding that he loves him, using a ladder to get up to Spalding's room when he is given time out, nestling his head upon Spalding's lap. All of these endearing ways wriggle into Spalding's heart, and as Bunny grows, their relationship changes again, and they are pictured arguing and Bunny hits Spalding with his ugg boot, just like all kids. Brothers at last.
The delectable illustrations from Blabey's brush add to the fun showing the glowering Spalding softening as Bunny becomes endearing, but then Bunny's face in using the ugg boot reflects Spalding's at the start of the book. Blabey's illustrations are just wonderful and add to the general humour and mayhem produced by the two boys.
Fran Knight