Saltwater Vampires by Kirsty Eagar

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Penguin books, 2010. ISBN 978-0-14-301146-0.
(Age: 14+) For Jamie Mackie, summer holidays in the coastal town of Rocky Head means surfing, day or night. Surfing in the early hours of the morning is asking for trouble for anyone but Jamie gets more than what he has asked for when he goes for a surf. With one bite to his neck things are going to change for Jamie and his friends. Vampires from the wreck of the Batavia are in Rocky Head and they have plans on crashing the annual New Year's music festival. If their plans succeed, nobody in Rocky Head will survive to see the New Year.
Saltwater Vampires is based on the coastline of Western Australia and is a real Aussie novel. It is a really enjoyable novel to read. Eagar has created a wonderful narrative that has the vampires as the unlikeable characters in the storyline unlike the other vampire novels that are out on the shelves. I bet this novel could end up on the top ten list to read for teenagers.
Lauren Pfeiffer - 17 years old