Go Goanna by Justin D'Ath

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Mission Fox series, no. 7. Puffin, 2012. ISBN 0143306944
(Ages 7-10) Recommended. Harry and Jordan are twins committed to the Mission Fox Animal Rescue agency. So when a giant goanna in the back of Mr Dalby's delivery van is being poked with a broom handle Harry and Jordan are under oath to step in under rule 1. 'Rescue animals that are in danger'. Being late for school is one things but missing the Pet Olympics being held at school would be terrible. Deciding it is the only option, Harry and Jordan set off to school on their FoxMobile being pulled by their humongous dog Myrtle and take the caged lizard with them. When the goanna is accidentally let loose the school, which is filled with pets of all kinds, turns to bedlam. It only gets worse when the Principal's son gets stuck up a tree while trying to rescue his kitten. Can Harry and Jordan use their animal rescue skills to help him before he falls six meters to the ground and redeem themselves for ruining the Pet Olympics? Just when everything is getting back to normal the goanna reappears. Can Mission Fox perform another wild rescue and get the goanna back to where it is safe?
These Mission Fox stories are perfect for younger readers and will appeal equally to boys and girls. The stories will be meaningful to children as they are set within the real world rather than a fantasy one and contain fast paced adventure as well as a good dose of humour. The larger text makes them a great novel for children moving from beginning reader chapter books into novels with only intermittent illustrations.
Nicole Smith-Forrest