It sounded better in my head by Nina Kenwood

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Text Publishing, 2019. ISBN: 9781925773910.
(Age: 16+) Highly recommended. Winner of the Text Prize. In her debut novel, Nina Kenwood tells the story of Natalie, a seventeen-year-old whose world is turned upside down when she learns that her parents are getting a divorce. Still getting used to the fact that her two best friends, Zach and Lucy are a couple, Natalie is understandably lost and struggling to understand where she fits in this new dynamic and just where her life strayed from her plan. Then, when Zach's older brother Alex starts paying her a little more attention, she finds herself caught in a new world of change that she must learn to navigate one step at a time. A relatable, moving and achingly vulnerable depiction of the challenges that life throws in our way and the power of learning who you are and growing into the person you're meant to be, Kenwood's first novel is an absolute delight. Her rich characters and world truly touch the reader to the core and make this a novel that you'll immediately want to share with anyone and everyone you know. This book is perfect for high school students, especially those that are nervous or unsure about the big wide world they're about to experience as they leave school and continue to University or beyond. Natalie, Alex, Zach and Lucy will hold their hand, hug them and remind them that no matter what life sends you, you are more than capable of handling it. Warning: sexual references and mentions of alcohol and drug use. Book club notes and teaching notes are available.
Daniella Chiarolli