Ivy and the lonely raincloud by Katie Harnett

cover image

Flying Eye Books, 2017. ISBN 9781911171157
(Age: 5+) Highly recommended. Friendship, Rain, Flowers, Emotions. A story of sharing, of coming together and appreciating each other's skills, of complementary talents is shown through this charming tale of a raincloud finding its place in the world. Initially saddened because the sun has come out and dried up all the rain, forcing the other rainclouds to disappear, the cloud goes searching for companionship, someone who appreciates his rain. He looks in a number of places, places he hopes to be appreciated, but they do not want him. Meanwhile Ivy is cross that the sun has come out. The sunshine has had a detrimental affect on her flowers so she is very grumpy. The raincloud decides to rain on her plants and the two become friends, one appreciating what the other has to offer. All is well again for both parties.
A story about friendship, of finding someone compatible, and of sharing skills will intrigue younger readers already following the story through its vibrant illustrations. The girl's dark moods are portrayed through her expressive eyes and stance and readers will immediately respond to her feelings. This is a charming book from Katie Harnett, and astute readers will recognise her distinctive style from other books such as, Archie Snufflekins (2016) and look forward to others from this new illustrator and now, author.
Fran Knight